On the Issues

As I study the issues and speak with those living in our district, I will communicate my positions on these issues, current policy, and public concerns.  This page is a work in progress.  If an issue or concern is not addressed here, I urge you to contact me and bring it to my attention.

Property Taxes

  • Presently, our property taxes are based on valuations made every 6 years.  I think these assessments need to be made more frequently to more accurately reflect market value.
  • I believe we need to place a 2% limit on property tax increases.  There are too many instances in House District 3 where people are being taxed right out of their homes and off their property.  Those especially vulnerable are older residents who survive on a fixed income.

Public Education

  • We need to understand that education is the bedrock upon which Democracy is built.
  • Let’s ensure a quality and accountable system of education at all levels that protects homeowners and small businesses from increases in property taxes.
  • Guarantee that research and development helps Montana’s businesses, workers and industries
  • Though we have a bully prevention program in place (OLWEUS) in our schools, we need to establish a state policy to address cyber bullying.

Health Care

  • Improve access to quality, affordable health care
  • Help small businesses offer affordable health insurance
  • Support the Children’s Health Care Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • Make prescription drugs affordable

Preserve Montana’s Outdoor Heritage

  • Guarantee access to public lands
  • Protect Montana’s hunting and fishing heritage
  • Protect our Second Amendment rights
  • Preserve and protect our stream access laws

Build A Secure Energy Future

  • Pursue additional clean and renewable energy resources that create jobs
  • Promote energy conservation in government, schools, universities and homes
  • Enact sensible energy policies that provide affordable, reliable energy to all consumers, small business owners, farmers and ranchers

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Living within our means and setting money aside for the future
  • Manage taxpayer money the same way hard-working Montanans handle their household finances

Protect Our Seniors

  • Strengthen laws that target those attempting to take advantage of vulnerable seniors


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