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Montana Politics

A Community Agenda

          I find it unfortunate that our HD 3 incumbent  is deeply concerned with his accountability to outside organizations (Americans for Tax Reform) based in Washington D.C.  rather than answering to the voters.  He is  proud of his endorsements received in the past from organizations such as the Montana Shooting Sports Association which believes we need legislation to allow guns in school parking lots, violating federal law.  These endorsements are obtained by answering questionnaires from the organizations and making commitments to vote in alignment with their agendas.  .
          A representative needs to be responsive and accountable, first and foremost, to constituents, not to special interests. The agenda a representative takes to Helena should not be personal. His agenda is based on his own personal battles with the legal system.  He is using his presence to further his fight to practice law without a law degree.  Keep fighting Mr. Incumbent, but not with our tax dollars.  You have had 10 years in the legislature, subsidized by the Montana tax payer with a living wage during sessions and healthcare worth $733 a month. It’s time for you to start practicing the “philosophy” you preach and privatize your personal legal battles.   The time has come for a fresh voice and one whose agenda is based on the concerns and needs of those in HD3.
Zac Perry


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