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A Community Agenda

          I find it unfortunate that our HD 3 incumbent  is deeply concerned with his accountability to outside organizations (Americans for Tax Reform) based in Washington D.C.  rather than answering to the voters.  He is  proud of his endorsements received in the past from organizations such as the Montana Shooting Sports Association which believes we need legislation … Continue reading

Press Release

Click this link for my campaign press release http://tinyurl.com/cexsapy  or read the simple text below. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Zac Perry, House District 3 Candidate 406.387.5815  406.261.9642 zacperry4hd3@gmail.com https://zacperry4hd3.wordpress.com Zac Perry Announces Candidacy for House District 3 Martin City, Montana–April 12, 2012 — Zac Perry is throwing his hat in the ring in his bid for … Continue reading

Investing in Montana Communities

I understand and respect the current HD3 incumbent’s position against future tax incentives and subsidies while leaving those already in place alone.  This position hit home with me the other day as I was filling up my gas tank at $3.70 a gallon. The incumbent claims the incentives that enabled the power agreement between Flathead … Continue reading