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Montana Politics

The Importance of Public Education

A strong connection exists between jobs, our local economy, and quality education.  Businesses consider many factors in deciding where to set up shop. The primary factors include the presence of a positive business climate, local workforce skill levels, and the quality of the K-12 public education system.
The current representative of House District 3 fails to grasp the importance of public education in Montana.  He was one of a few who voted against HB 15, which provided for financial assistance to public school facility projects.  He also voted against an amendment to HB2 which resulted in tuition hikes for students in the Montana University System this year.  As a candidate for House District 3, I am greatly troubled by his voting record regarding education over the course of his 10 year entrenchment in the Montana Legislature.  The people of House District 3 deserve better than this.
Let’s make public education more of a priority in Montana.  I am not suggesting that we blindly throw money at the system, but we have an obligation and a responsibility to equip our children and young adults with the necessary tools they will need to be competitive and successful throughout their lives.  With a commitment to public education, we are not only making a commitment to our children and young adults, but committing to job creation, business development and a strong economy.


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